The Importance of Work-Life Balance and Wellness

6 May, 2024
Work-Life Balance and Wellness

21st-Century work is characterized by an “always on” attitude where we’re expected to be reachable across all time zones all year round. No wonder that according to Mental Health America, one in four Americans describes themselves as being “super stressed.” If this sounds like you, it’s time to bring your work and your life back into balance. Here’s how to renew your focus on wellness.

Treat Yourself to Flexible Scheduling

Sometimes, we’re at our desks simply because we feel like we should be. But productivity is increasingly disconnected from the time spent in your chair, so it’s time to free yourself from the tyranny of the 9-5. Give yourself permission to work at the hours where you’re most productive, to take calls when you’re out walking, or to put your out-of-office on when you have personal or family events to attend. See if squeezing your work week into four days works for you – or working more days but at just a few hours a time. Your specific scheduling needs will depend on many factors: your role, your family arrangements, your commute, and so on, so keep tweaking it until you find the arrangement that lets you get your work done while attending to the rest of your life as well. Oh, and take those annual leave days!

Make Movement Non-negotiable

Getting up and moving around isn’t just a nice break; it’s vital for our overall health. According to the CDC, physical activity is crucially important to our health, and improves brain health as well as physical health and emotional wellbeing. But physical activity is one of the easiest things to drop from our routines when things get busy. If you’re struggling to stay active, block out time in your calendar, go for a walk or jog on your lunch break, or sign up for a group class or personal training session. You can also strive to build more movement into your overall day by walking to work, taking the stairs, and setting an alarm on your phone or computer reminding you to get up and stretch at intervals.

Be Realistic About Your Goals

It’s human nature to bite off more than we can chew. And although it’s great to be ambitious, it can also be a recipe for burnout. Set manageable, achievable daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals, and triage your work based on the Eisenhower Urgency Matrix. Be efficient, delegate where you can, and avoid overcommitting. This will keep you from bringing work home and will help you be your best self at both work and home. Additionally, be honest and realistic about what actually needs to be done by you or what could be done by an assistant (or not at all.)

Find a Workplace that Flexes with You

Working all day in a bland corporate cubicle isn’t the ticket to happiness. And while working from home has its perks, it’s also a recipe for loneliness. Instead, walk the middle road with a flexible workspace designed with wellness, productivity, and experience in mind. At W Executive Suites, we’re proud to provide a curated working environment that lets you get up close to the action while giving you what you need to work at your best. And with a cohort of like-minded entrepreneurs and small business owners working alongside you, you’ll be able to network, collaborate, and bounce ideas whenever you need. Take advantage of our flexible hours, tailorable spaces, and quality amenities – and work your way.

If you’re after a workspace in West Palm Beach, Stuart, or St Lucie that helps you achieve that all-important work-life balance, drop by or book a tour today!